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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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storm scan three. you can see the system still well formed, a tropical storm making its way along south carolina coastline, continuing to move up to the north and east and seeing some of those high level clouds across our region right now those are in association with her mean already starting to see some of that moisture building in. we have a tropical storm watch in effect for new jersey shore, delaware beaches as well head throughout the weekend. it has been extended in to monday, as models are coming into agreement on the likelihood that hermine will likely stall off shore of the delaware valley as we head in the upcoming weekend. what we necessity right now, center is likely to pass near the cost. major models are agreeing on that. that means a major impact likely at jersey shore and at the delaware beaches. the coastal flooding is looking very likely we could see moderate coastal flooding, potentially local major coastal flooding. concern for beach erosion, hermine will stall off shore so that will extend that time frame, threat, looks like we could still be dealing with the impacts of hermine as we
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head into monday. that will extend the threat and also will extend the wind as well. we are seeing high likely of the threat for tropical storm force win as hermine sits off shore in the upcoming weekend, so very likely, seeing sustained, tropical storm force wind along coastal region, and we could see gusts to tropical storm force wind closer to i-95 corridor, minimal impact from wind, breezy conditions, west of i-95, mean in a couple minutes. >> this storm could not come as a worse time as businesses down the shore, end to summer season a high note.
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alexandria hoff is in sea isle with that story, alex. >> it has been a beautiful day down here in sea isle. hopefully offering some sort of consolation for business whose are hoping to end this season's strong. >> new labor day specials are listed as fast as you can see bye, 50, get 50 free. mike's sea food in sea isle purchased 42,000 clams in anticipation of the holiday weekend before realizing that the weather will be not something to celebrate. >> especially this weekend, lot of people depending on this weekend. >> i live here. i feel bad for people spending money and coming down and cannot situate themselves. >> reporter: rip currents and heavy is your, and past week with heightened swim restrictions. >> it just does not know, you know, if it will go over dock, next thing your boat will be over there. >> reporter: on the bay is where potential for tidal flooding can be especially impact full where we segal ger sorting through his latest plan. >> get the boat out of the water, go over and help put
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furniture away, i'll see, a porch and get the heck out of here. >> reporter: how close to the coast hermine gets will determine the impact on land. the resident and visitors are being asked to prepare for heavy rain, wind, and flooding, but today's sunshine hasn't made its mental preparations any easier. >> it looks like the town is pretty busy right the now. everybody is looking for something. a deal on a sun shining day and we will see what happens after that. >> reporter: fish full thinking for sure. you mentioned seeing worst possible timing and most businesses and families coming down here would agree but emergency officials gave us one reason as to why that might not be the case, just one reason. we will have that at 6:00. reporting live from sees aisle i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, alex. how weather will shake up is on the mind of ticket holders and staff for this weekend's made in america festival. crew where is hard at work today along the parkway adding all of the finishing touches. coming up at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos
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tells us what they are doing now differently to let you know there is a chance that the storm could make an appearance. stay with "eyewitness news" as we track hermine and her path. coming up 59:30 a closer look at damage that the tropical storm has already left in her wake. campaign 2016, with 66 days left until the presidential election, one of the candidates spent the afternoon in philadelphia donald trump met with african-american leaders in north philadelphia and "eyewitness news" report's neat a oh has more on the visit and protesters who turned out to greet trump. >> blood, sweat and tears of the immigrant community. >> reporter: as dozens of protesters made their disapproval loud and clear. >> we want to make you step out on november 8th. >> reporter: on friday republican presidential candidate, donald trump met with about a dozen african-american community leaders at the view in philadelphia. one of them is renee amore deputy chair of the pennsylvania republican party. >> we're working with people who talked about health care, people so concerned for people
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for health not the just physical health but mental health. we talk about all of those issues that are important to our community. he talked about jobs. how to help ex-offenders get jobs. >> reporter: many protesters likely owens where the knot convinced. >> smoke and mirrors type thing he is doing it the as a politician and kids, that is what politicians to have do to get elected. >> any leader, so-called leader that will meet with donald trum top day and listen to that bigot or be in the same room with that bigot does not speak for us. >> reporter: while protesters are frustrated by trump's comments about minority groups. >> he said a lot of anti mexican, anti latino, comments when it came to immigrants coming over to our country and crossing the border, and he has tweeted out a few weeks ago, probably a month ago that african americans are lazy. >> reporter: others like amoore says trump's word have been taken out of context. >> when these people are saying that donald trump is a bigot do you disagree.
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>> i do. >> reporter: most of the protests were peaceful but officers broke apart a scuffle between a trump protesters and trump supporter. >> to tell the truth. >> reporter: this isn't the only thing he is speaking with african-american leaders in detroit, michigan on saturday. reporting from north philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the fbi published notes summarizing interviews with hillary clinton and her staff about her use of a private e-mail server. clinton told investigators that she relied on the judgment of her staff and others, not to illegally send e-mails containing classified information to her private server. she also told fbi investigators she was unclear about a classification marking on official government documents. the fbi also said it found no direct evidence clinton's server was hacked but that would not leave any evidence. be sure to stay with eye witt the necessary news as election day draws closer. we have you covered on tv and the at cbs
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philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest, in the hit and run death of a cyclist in mayfair earlier this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon reports. >> reporter: by most accounts 42 year-old matthew madison should have have been safe. the bike lane and had flashers on to alert drivers. the yet police say at 12:45 friday morning a driver still crashed into him, leaving his mangled bike and his body behind. >> i heard a bang and then a screech. so i jumped up, i felt my car getting hit, i looked out window and do a double take and there was a man laying there, quarter of his bike over here, rest of the pieces all over. the light on his bike was still flashing. >> reporter: later friday at the scene just off frankford and cheltenham avenue signs remained. >> they are scum bags they don't care. >> reporter: while police could not tell us where the victim was going a neighbor says at that hour he would have been on his way to a second job. >> he would come home later on, get his mountain bike and
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i would see him leave out the back with his mountain bike and go to work. and, to this deadened street just blocks away from the scene. investigators say it was the driver who led them there. >> this person approached two septa police officers at 5300 bustleton avenue and said he was in an accident last night. he then showed the officers where the car was located. >> reporter: friday's deadly hit and run the second this week after tuesday, and a man in feltonville was killed after someone hit his motorcycle and kept going. that driver has not yet been found. >> it is very sad, tough week for citizens, too. it is just a sad situation. >> reporter: reporting from the the northeast rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now lets take a look at this scene also in the northeast a car crashed through a fence, over a pool and right into the support posts of a backyard deck. it happened at 3:00 p.m. in the 10,000 black of galehat road. deck collapsed on top of the
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car. authorities say no one was hurt and police are still investigating. authorities are also looking for two suspects who pulled off an elaborate heist on a moving delivery truck in olney. surveillance video captured a white work van following the truck along ogontz avenue on monday. investigators say one suspect, cut a lock and unloaded boxes on have brand new sneakers into the waiting van. a second suspect allegedly punched the truck driver in the face when he tried to stop him. if you recognize this suspect or the white van police really need to hear from you. coming up on "eyewitness news" a former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault is now out of jail. the reason brook turner walked out of prison before his six month term was up, and the reaction to the the decision. and an airline mix up that caused a panic for one mom how her five-year old son ended up in the wrong city and what the airline is saying bit. we have important news for samsung users their new device could put you at risk, why they are pulling the product
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when we come right
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three.
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i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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a a former stanford university swimmer quick of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman last year, is now out of jail. >> let's show you video of brook turner leaving facilitate in san jose, california earlier this morning. the 21 year-old only served three months of his six month sentence that sparked national outcries for being too lenient. santa clara county sheriff reacted to turner's release. >> he should never have been in our jail, but this is the end of it the for us. turner will return to his ohio town where he must register as a sex offender for life. his lawyers indicates will appeal his conviction. a mother from new york is asking for a federal investigation into how her five-year old son was put on a wrong flight by jet blue. >> that little boy was traveling as an unaccompanied minor last month after visiting family in the
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dominican republic but instead of being flown home to new york he wound up in boston. five-year old andy martinez, smiles and waves as he prepares for his departure from the dominican republic on august 17th. he was booked on a jet blue fly from santiago to new york's jfk international airport. the his mother, paid a hundred dollar fee to have her son accompanied by a flight attendant. >> when i went to pick up my son, my son was not there. >> reporter: speaking through a translator thursday his mother said after more than an hour of nervous waiting, jet blue told her that located her child. >> i was given another boy. >> reporter: she said that she was frantic and it took the airline three more agonizing hours until they could tell her that her son was almost 200 miles away, in boston. her son, and the boy presented to her, each boarded flights from santiago and both had arrived at incorrect destinations. the jet blue told cbs news
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that our teams in jfk and boston immediately took steps to assist children in reaching their correct destinations. while the children were always under the care and supervision of jet blue crew members we realize the situation was stressing for the families. >> for three hours she believe her son was kidnaped. >> reporter: attorney ruben stein is representing the family. >> we have written to the federal aviation administration requesting an independent investigation. >> reporter: while martinez said she will never send her son on a solo flight she recounted the happy moment that they were reunited. >> and i was cry because then i had him in my hands, thank god. >> jet blue is, promising a review of that incident, the airline refunded the family's flights and while it behave them a $2,100 credit towards future jet blue flights the boys mother says she doubts that she will cash in on that offer. >> lauren has our forecast. it looks like we will get outer band possibly of
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hermine. >> we could see moderate impact here in the city and suburbs, eastern suburbs, east of the i-95 corridor. biggest concern will be downst the shore. models coming into agreement that we will see major impact as long the jersey coast line and delaware beaches due to hermine because of the strength, intensity of the system and also the fact that the system is now going to stall off shore for a period of days. elevating the length of those risks but right now, beautiful condition for people just getting started on their labor day weekend, live look at our neighborhood network, margate beach people out there enjoying the conditions, but it is the not, going to be an enjoyable weekend, at the beach, especially as we head into sunday but for right now, temperatures in the upper 70's along the coast. 81 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-nine in allentown. overnight tonight some nice sleeping weather once again partly cloudy conditions, cooler falling back down to 66 . the as we head in the day tomorrow we will start to see implications in the city from hermine. a few isolated showers possible, breezy conditions
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starting to pick up especially as we head in the afternoon with a high temperature at 79 degrees. of course, we have our made in america festival as we head in the upcoming weekend. i think the biggest impact will be felt on sunday with windy conditions, and some patchy rain possible, and saturday night be all right with that chance of the passing shower because we are going to go see the biggest impact along the coastline of hermine positioned over carolinas continuing to spin its way to the north east bringing heavy rainfall along with it and strong, intense wind. storm scan three showing high level cloud cover building in from hermine which is right now a tropical storm. wind at 50 miles an hour, movement off to the north east at 20 miles an hour. so taking a look at our forecast track a really slows down, as we head in the upcoming weekend, monday and into tuesday, as models are in agreement that hermine will stall off shore, of our region as we head early into next week and there is some potential that hermine could
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restrengthen to hurricane status, you see on monday wind of 75 miles an hour with center passing very close, to the new jersey coastline. so again we are expecting to see some major impacts at the coast this would be the saturday, saturday night, sunday night, and into monday as well, with wind speeds at 35 to 45 miles an hour, these will be sustained wind, with gusts possible to 60 miles an hour along the coast. i think rainfall will be a really localized threat with about four to 6 inches. we could see localized flooding but this is a narrow band along the coast and it looks like right now that could change a lot of uncertainty still in the rainfall forecast, but likelihood, for sure, of rough surf, coastal flooding, dangerous rip currents and beach erosion and possibility of moderate beach erosion looking likely as we are going to see a prolonged event unfortunately. future wind gusts will paint that picture as we head in the upcoming weekend. sunday night seeing wind gusts pushing 50 miles an hour along the coast. this is just one run of one particular model, other models
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are elevating those wind gusts even higher. we could see wind gusts to tropical storm force as far west assenter city philadelphia up around 40, 45 miles an hour potentially i think this is a late day sunday and into early monday. check out those win gusts even into monday down the shore potentially in the 60 miles an hour before things start to quiet down and calm down as hermine moves off shore as we move into tuesday. future rain amounts again i think we will see very localized heavy rainfall effect i have in the upcoming weekend. poconos and lehigh valley very minimal rain impact from his hermine but this will be a beach erosion, coastal flooding, potentially some major coastal flooding in certain areas. so that is something we have to keep a close eye on with the possibility of storm surge up to two, potentially 3 feet with this system lingering into monday before things start to quiet down as we head into tuesday. >> you got it. lauren, keep an eye on it. thanks very much.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news" a major recall by samsung. >> smart phone giant is recalling millions of devices. the alarming reason why and how it will effect customers. well, temple owls kicking off their season against army here at the link, very, very high expectations after last season so how do the players lock in and what are they expecting tonight. we will hear from them in spor
5:21 pm
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football is back at lincoln financial field but it is not eagles just yet. >> the temple owls are opening up their season and after last year's bowl appearance hopes are high once again, leslie van arsdal is live with more on that, leslie. >> i'll tell you there is a lot of excitement about this team right now, lets check out the guys warming up behind me. you said it, owls taking on army tonight, they had such a great season, ten wins last season, so yes, there are very high expectations this is coach matt ruhle's fourth
5:24 pm
season, team coming off that first bowl season since 2011. hoping to win their second straight american conference east division. the team will look different on defense but they will still be led by senior quarterback philip walker. so what is he expecting from army out here on the field tonight. >> they play fast, you know, for a smaller group up front, it is something we have to stop their penetration up front. >> defensive line movements. we have to stop the run. they play hard. every play. we have to go out there and match their intensity and play hard. >> reporter: i should add that coach ruhle's first win ever as temple head coach did come against army. coming up at 6:00 i'll go one on one with coach matt ruhle back to you in the studio. >> see you then. >> exciting times. >> making music in philadelphia. >> the violin has been in existence for almost 500 years, see how one violin
5:25 pm
headachier keeps its tradition in much more modern times, with magnificent physicians. on the path to sainthood just two decades after her death mother teresa will be canonize aid look b
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hermine is on her way the storm barreled into south carolina today and she's spoiling the holiday week in our area. eye witt the necessary news, continues at 5:30. of course all eyes are on that tropical storm as we head into the labor day weekend. >> meteorologist lauren case any for kate bilo and she has been tracking developments with her mean. lauren, what is the latest. >> yeah, hermine made land fall along the florida coastline last night and has made its waste up in the carolina coastline. it was first land falling hurricane in florida in 11 years. right now it has been downgraded to a tropical storm but still impressive looking system.
5:29 pm
we can see that on storm scan three copious rainfall embedded rainfall as system traverse its way eastbound, tropical storm now warnings in effect up and down eastern seaboard including for delaware valley. you can see areas shaded in red, tropical storm warning until 5:00 o'clock in the evening on monday. as we are's not only dealing with her mean saturday, sunday and it now extend into monday as the system is likely to stall off shore, the new jersey coastline. the latest on tropical storm hermine sustained wind at 50 miles an hour. we will continue to movies bound moving right now at 20 miles an hour, before it is slowing and as it reaches our region. you can see period of several days have of slow movement, of hermine, likely will transition into a post tropical system, that is why we're seeing these l's for areas of low pressure on our map here but check out wind speeds, 65 miles per hour, 75 miles per hour meaning on monday, and that hermine would rent even or restrengthen to
5:30 pm
hurricane strength, albeit a post tropical system but impacts are no different whether the system is tropical or post tropical as we head into monday but still a very strong system into tuesday as it exits off shore. the chance of tropical storm force wind of about 40 miles an hour or greater are looking extremely high, as we are especially having sunday, sunday night, into early monarchs long the coast where we could see tropical storm force wind gusts as i think far wests of western suburbs of philadelphia again, this is looking not like much of an event for lehigh valley and poconos. primary impacts are going to be along the coast, saturday, sunday and into monday. wind at 35 to 45 miles an hour, so we will see prolonged period of sustain tropical storm force winds, that could yield some problems as far as home damage, minor home damage, pulling some trees down, debris in the roadways, gusts to 60 miles an hour could create wind damage as well. mostly heavy rainfall, four to 6 inches.
5:31 pm
we could see localized flooding as far as rain is concerned and then, big concern is for coastal flooding, moderate coastal flooding likely, maybe major in some areas along the jersey coastline and delaware beaches. rough surf, rip currents and beach erosion, all together a terrible looking weekend down the shore. take those preparations if you are a resident or vacationer and spending your labor day weekend long the coast. we will have more in a couple minutes. >> lauren, at least one death has been blamed on the powerful storm thus far. hermine is bringing heavy rain and wind to georgia and carolinas. correspondent kenneth craig is in charleston south carolina one of the many coastal area preparing for possible flooding and even tornadoes. >> tropical storm hermine, roared into charleston south carolina on friday afternoon, bringing heavy rain, driven by wind gusts more than 50 miles an hour. we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall, that
5:32 pm
can lead to flash flooding. >> reporter: storm made land fall overnight near the florida panhandle as a category one hurricane, first in more than a decade. 7-foot storm surge and several inches of rain flooded streets, and down trees, knocked out power to more than 100,000 residents. here in charleston the wind has been picking up all day and now, heavy rain. this area could see up to 9 inches by the time hermine moves on. gordon and bonnie gear spent the morning securing the house that has been in their family for 150 years but they are not worried. >> been there, done that a couple times. it shouldn't be that bad. just wind. as long as it is not a lot of rain. >> reporter: is what left of hermine could cause big problems for labor day weekend throughout the northeast. storm is expect to stall off mid-atlantic coast bringing we have i surf and spreading rain through mid week. new york city's mayor has closed city beaches for sunday possibly through tuesday because of rip currents.
5:33 pm
>> if you go in the water, you are putting your life in danger, it is as simple as that. >> reporter: for now at least in the north east the cozies clear. in charleston, south caroline, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and there are concerns all that water left behind will hamper florida's fight against zika. officials have identified the virus in three groups of mosquitoes trapped in miami beach. discovery was first of its kind in the united states. scientists say that the impact of the storm on the mosquitoes in the sunshine state is likely double edged sword. >> got news about hurricanes is they can wash away mosquito population, the down side is that the hurricane will interrupt any ongoing efforts of mosquito control and as the flood the waters recede we could see the least appearance of mosquitoes. >> there are 49 locally transmitted zika infections in the state of florida. this weekend pope francis will declare mother therese a
5:34 pm
saint and canonization holds special meaning from people in our area. >> as jonathan vigliotti reports about 60 people from the philadelphia archdiocese are in rome, for the special mass. >> reporter: mother teresa touched the world with her mission to help the poor, sick and dying in indian. >> the poor need our love and compassion. they give us much more then we give to them. >> reporter: she became a nun at 16 and two years later left her home in yugoslavia to work this a convent in india. she opened the first school in the slums of calcutta. mother teresa became one of the most recognizable faces of the 20th century for care of both young and old. she was awarded noble peace prize for her work in 1979. >> i'm grateful and i'm very happy to receive it, in the name of the hungry and of the
5:35 pm
naked, of the homeless. >> reporter: six years later president reagan honored her with the presidential medal of freedom calling her a hero of our time. >> mother teresa was busy, as usual, saving the world. >> reporter: sometimes called the saint of the gutters, mother teresa did have her critics. some say her missionaries of charity did not the do enough to provide relief to the dying, and she was fiercely against abortion. >> abortion has become the greatest destroyer of peace. >> reporter: she questioned her faith towards the end of her life, writing even deep down, there is nothing but emptiness and darkness. pope john paul the second admired mother teresa and became her friend, after she died he fast tracked her to sainthood for here california of healing two sick people. now 19 years after her death, pope francis who has also taken up the cause of helping the most needy will officially make mother teresa a saint.
5:36 pm
jonathan vigliotti "eyewitness news". last year a camden school district was named district teach other have the year and today wal-mart had a very special surprise for her. >> karen was at school, for teacher's preparation workshop when wal-mart stopped into surprise her she was showered with gifts, and balloons to thank her for her dedication to her students. she was also quick to include her fellow teachers, and her recognition. >> it is, belonging to all of us because i didn't become the teacher i am without the help of everyone around us and teaching is teamwork. we're all in. >> reporter: she was also presented a $490 gift card, it has been proven, teachers spend $490 of their own money on their students every year. still to come on "eyewitness news", smart phone danger, samsung is recalling millions of newly released devices, reason they are pulling them and what samsung users need to know. and this weekend the grills will be firing up, for
5:37 pm
sure, health reporter stephanie stahl with what you need to do to keep it safe and healthy for the holiday, but will the weather hold out? lauren? now high level of confidence that the shore will see major impacts from hermine as it makes an approach in the upcoming weekend. i'll break down timing and where we can see most significant effectness your full forecast coming up.
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all right. a warning tonight, for anyone who has the new samsung galaxy note seven. >> the company has issued a
5:41 pm
recall saying that some of the phones, have caught fire. >> what just happened to my note seven. >> video of a charred samsung galaxy note seven phone posted on you tube by aerial gonzales who claims that the phone caught on fire after charging. >> brand new phone. >> reporter: at a press conference friday samsung announced it is recalling two and a half million devices, the company has confirmed that dozens of cases where the phones caught fire. >> i cannot even imagine how expensive, how time consuming and how much effort will go into replacing all of these phones. >> reporter: samsung blames the problem on a faulty battery made by one of its suppliers. samsung says it has to recall every galaxy note seven phone because there is no way to figure out which ones may have a defective battery. >> this is worst possible timing. >> reporter: recall comes just days before apple is expected to announce the new i phone seven. c-net's dan ackerman says galaxy note seven was selling well, with features like an
5:42 pm
iris scanner that lets your eyes unlock the phone. >> they had a real hit on their hand and it looks like they were going to out match apple and then look what happened. >> reporter: samsung says its replacement phones will be available in about two weeks. >> that is serious, isn't it. >> serious stuff. >> take sometime. still to come, before you fire up the grill this holiday weekend our stephanie stahl is talking safety
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
all eyes, but lots of people, and grilling is a summer stapel but it may exposure to chemicals like cancer. >> on the healthwatch health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how to stay safe planning a cook out. >> it is just something about that grill, that makes it nice. >> mark wilson is celebrating his wife's birthday with a barbecue. >> grilling is just a perfect type of way to prepare meat i
5:46 pm
think. >> it may be tasty but some grilled food has been linked to cancer. chemicals that form when meat, poultry and fish are cook at high temperatures and smoke from fat that drips and burn on the grill that have been both link to doll on, pancreatic and breast cancer. >> the studies have have shown that people who consume meat that have been grilled on a high heat heat on a regular basis may be at increased risk for cancer. >> reporter: there are things to do to reduce your risk. start with the clean grill and cook food at lower temperatures for longer period of time. >> we recommend marinating meat because that increases moisture and that will decrease formation of the chemicals. >> reporter: mark and his wife try to keep that advice in mind whenever grilling. >> every day there is something new, a new risk to look out for so you just try to do the best you can. >> reporter: experts say gas grills are safer because you they cook more evenly. >> the cancer risk has only been found with protein cook on the grill, experts say fruits, vegetables cooked outside are okay. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
5:47 pm
"eyewitness news". well, for some of us having one or even two cups of coffee a day is very normal. >> but do you ever wonder you why might be a coffee drinker. it may be in your dna. study purpose in the journal scientific reports found people with newly identified trait with pdfst drank less coffee then those who didn't have the trait. researchers believe new gene reduces the ability to break town caffeine. that means it stays in the body longer so people with the traits, don't need as much money to get the sam jolt from the caffeine. speaking of coffee star bucks is spiesing up its fall drink line up, on tuesday, coffee giant will offer a new seasonal beverage, mocha hot cough east drink is topped with kay and, chile, cinnamon, sea salt and a little sugar. it is said to be reminiscent of mexican hot chocolate but mix of sweet and spicy. >> um-hmm. >> are you guys in to it.
5:48 pm
>> i like that. >> yes. >> now, i don't know if you will need hot drinks just yet, you may need umbrella more than warmth at the this exact moment. >> much different scene in the upcoming weekend. people are outside enjoying themselves, down the shore sunshine lower humidity, a beautiful day to day. at least we will get this nice day before things really start to turn downhill as we head in the upcoming weekend. all likelihood we will sees a prolonged event with her mean to stall off shore even as we head into monday night and monday night as well. but it looks pretty g it will turnaround quite a bit in the upcoming weekend. we're out there enjoying themselves. sky scan three looking at ocean city new jersey. waves looking relatively calm but again we're expecting rough surf late daze saturday, sunday and into monday. the temperatures right now, feeling pretty good along the coast. 77 degrees in atlantic city. seventy-seven in wildwood. 81 degrees in philadelphia wind generally, out of the north east right now so seeing
5:49 pm
a sea breeze. pushing down to 74 degrees at barnegat light house. here from the sticky factor, nice comfortable conditions settling in. dew points in the 50's. many of our reporting sites are just a beautiful end to the workweek. overnight tonight, still great sleeping weather. still quiet. partly cloudy conditions. 66 degrees. for our day tomorrow, even in the city and suburbs, not too bad. cloud around, isolated showers, brief conditions with a high temperature of 79 degrees. and then things, again are not looking so bad for our saturday for made in america festival but as we head into sunday some rain around, windy conditions, and we will have to contend with a high temperature of 75 degrees on sunday. well, look up we are seeing evidence of hermine. we are seeing high clouds in the delaware valley. main portion of the system is still well off to the south and west, we have tropical storm warnings in effect, we have been upgraded from a watch to a warning for new jersey coast and parts of the delaware right now and also
5:50 pm
extended in to 6:00 o'clock in the evening, on monday, hermine is now position add long the south carolina coastline and it will continue to move off to the north and ease, still looking like a very healthy system, and models have become in more agreement over the last 24 hours, so two major models that we look at gfs this scenario as we head into late damon still stalled off the coast. it is projecting a close movement to the coast from the center of the hermine along the coast planned with the possibility of moderate to even major beach erosion and coastal flooding. take a look at european you might be familiar with that name as well. this model is saying exact same thing with exact same positions, of hermine, stalled off shore, jersey coastline as we head late day into monday. prolong, event along coastline and major coastal impact. the not only are two major models predict ago this we are going to see a stall in the system but look at all these models as we head into early week next week keeping hermine
5:51 pm
hanging out until wednesday with that system entirely start to clear on out. future wind gusts showing us what we will do as we head in the coming days, saturday evening, wind speed starting to elevate with our future wind gusts, upward of 40 miles an hour along the coast and interior parts of the southern new jersey. we will see gusty conditions particularly in the city and new jersey suburbs as we head sunday, late day and into sunday night early monday morning. check out these future wind gusts down the shore. potentially upward of 60 miles an hour. this is still in the monday morning before the wind speeds do start to wayne as we head monday night and into early on tuesday but we could see some locally wind damage issues as far as minimal damage to homes. we could see trees down. localized power outages as well. so do prepare for that along the coast, as far as rainfall threat i think it is going to be pretty localized, this swath of rainfall heavy in nature, three to 4 inches in a very narrow band along the immediate coastline but we could in these areas see some
5:52 pm
impact from his flooding due to that heavier rainfall. as we head in the upcoming weekend, again, dealing with the impact of hermine as we head into monday before things start to clear out as we head into tuesday. again, this is going to be a major impact along the coast. more moderate impact for philadelphia and suburbs. minor impact in lehigh valley and poconos, guys. >> lauren, thank you. still ahead the sweet sound of the strings. >> ♪ the it starts with a masterful instrument. variety for use woodill speaks with the local music maker instrumental in creating these sound when we come r
5:53 pm
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making really beautiful music requires a first class instrument. >> tonight, vittoria woodill introduces us to a local violin make shore says the process cannot be rushed. >> ♪ >> what makes the sound of the violin so beautiful. >> ♪ >> in this case the answer isn't a question of what, it is a question of who. >> it takes over 200 hours to make a violin from start to finish. >> reporter: christopher is a violin headachier, hand carving and finally shaving wood. he is making modern musical marvels based on century's old tradition. >> the very craft is pretty much unchanged for over 400 years, secrets lie in the instruments themselves. in order to discover what makes a great instrument you have to study the great instruments. i think back on the italian
5:57 pm
headachier stratavari, he didn't make his best instruments until his 60's. i'm hoping to follow in the footsteps as well. >> reporter: early on he began learning about violin headaching asiana rent advertise which led to studying at chicago school of violin headache nothing 1982. >> we didn't have have an internet so i could not google search how to become a violinmaker or how to learn. it is in a way i knew what i was interested in and what i loved from a very early age but i didn't really necessity how to navigate to find that road. somehow, through a desire, and avenues opening up, it all came together and here i am. >> reporter: now you his violins are played by the best of the best, forming a relationship that has no words. >> what happened between your two ears. >> reporter: violin have of all instruments is most like the human voice. so many things are mass produced, they are canned,
5:58 pm
they are merchandised in a way and to be able have to have a craft unchange for such a long time and to be able to practice that every day is a great privilege. >> reporter: a thrill that is just music to our ears. vittoria wool i had i had owe woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". love the sound. >> beautiful. >> yes. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 tracking hermine, lauren? yeah, hermine likely to strengthen and potentially stall off new jersey coastline i'll let you know what impact we will see along the coast and for how long in your forecast coming up. also, from the city to the shore see the preparations, that are well underway for hermine's impact with tropical storm warnings already, in effect. and donald trump makes a visit to philadelphia, whom he met with as he looks to close the gap with hillary clinton in the keystone state. >> the f.d.a. is ordering many anti bacteria hand soaps off of store shelves, what prompted the federal ban and
5:59 pm
how long until it the takes effect. the news at 6:00 starts right now. tropical storm hermine is making her presence felt, through our south, writing high wind, and driving rains, to the carolinas, after a hammering of florida and tonight, we're tracking hermine as she spins up the coast threatening to spoil the labor day weekend. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tropical storm warnings have been issue for part of our area and we have live team three coverage. alexandria hoff and greg argos are monitoring preparations down the shore and in philadelphia. we will begin with our, meteorologist, lauren casey in our weather center for very latest on hermine's track, lauren. >> thanks, guess contact models coming in agreement. we do like when models come into agreement because it gives us high level of confidence for our forecast but forecast is for hermine to
6:00 pm
vent even back into a hurricane and potentially stall off the new jersey coastline, as we head into next week. so it is impacting parts of the carolinas coastline, still a well developed looking system. as it exits the carolina coast and over those warm waters of the gulf stream we could potentially see some restrengthening, to hurricane status, tropical storm warning in effect down the eastern see including in our own backyard and they have been extended until monday evening for jersey shore and much of delaware as well. we're likely to see major impact from hermine in the upcoming weekend. the right now tropical storm, 50 miles per hour, movement off to the north east at 20 miles per hour. so you will notice track speeding a lock. the as we head in the upcoming weekend and early next week, really stalling out, the center of hermine stalling just off shore, of the new jersey coastline, and even as we head into next tuesday, and also notice you do notice that the area have of low pressure.


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